Crispy chaat of potato with rice and lentil [164]


Potato tikis
(14 pieces)
3 1/2 pieces - Potato (boil, remove the skin and mash)
Salt - as per taste
Chilli powder - as per taste
5 Tbsp - Mung (green gram) (soak it for 1 hour and parboil it. Heat oil in a pan, add the mung, salt, redchilli powder, turmeric powder, garam masala and cook until done)
5 Tbsp - Boiled rice
Add the salt and chilli powder to the mashed potato.
Mix well and divide it into two parts.
Add the rice in one part and mix it.
Shape it into 7 flattened balls and keep it aside.
Now, divide the remaining potato mix and the mung into 7 portions each.
Flatten each portion of the potato mix in the palm of your hand.
Place a portion of the mung in its centre, wrapping the potato over it.
Make it into a round and then flatten it carefully.
Repeat this process with the remaining 6 portions and keep it aside.
To cook it..
Heat the girdle and spread a tablespoon of oil on it.
Now place the rice tikis on it.
Roast it and turn it over and drizzle a tablespoon of oil over it.
Turn it over once more and let it roast.
Remove from heat when it turns deep brown and crispy.
Use the same cooking technique with the mung tikis.

Chatpata Masala
11/4 tsp-Amchur powder
11/2 tsp - Roasted cumin seed powder ( seka jeera )
To taste- Red chilli powder
A pinch - Black pepper powder
A pinch - Rock salt
To taste - Salt
Mix all the ingredients together and use as required.

1 1/2 cups - Coriander leaves with soft stems
1 1/2 tsp - Lemon juice
To taste - Salt
1 pc - Green chillies (break into half)
1/4 tsp - Cumin seeds [Jeera]
1 tbsp - Daalia (made of chanadal and is available in the grocery store)
50 ml (approx) - Water
Mix everything in a blender.
Blend it to a fine chutney.
Use 4 tsp green chutney diluted with 2 tsp water
Store the leftover chutney in the refrigerator

Tamarind chutney
Soak 100gms tamarind and 150 gms gur (jaggery) together for 5 to 10 minutes and give it a boil.
Add salt, rock salt, roasted cumin seed powder and red chilli powder, give another boil and remove from heat.

Sesame seeds
Heat 1 tsp oil and add 2 tsp sesame seeds.
Shallow fry till it turns brown.

Sweet, Salty and Sour Curds
Wrap 3/4th cup curds in a muslin cloth and hang it (can be hung on a tap) for 15 to 20 minutes.
Keep a vessel underneath it to collect the whey.
Add sugar, salt and little of the whey to make it in a semi liquid consistency.
Mix well and strain it.
Keep it in the refrigerator and use it as required.

Steps to layer:
Place all the tikis alternatively in the transparent shallow dish of 27 cm diameter.
Sprinkle the Masala and Spread two tablespoons (Tbsp) of each chutney.
Put a teaspoon (tsp) of the sesame seeds and two tablespoons of coriander leaves.
Drop the curd on each tiki with the help of a spoon.
Sprinkle the masala, a teaspoon of the sesame seeds and two tablespoons of coriander leaves.
Garnish with four pieces of fried potato jaali chips.

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